Functional Skills English


What are the qualifications about?

Functional Skills English qualifications are designed to give learners skills to operate confidently, effectively and independently in education, work and everyday life.

Entry requirements

Must be capable of reaching the required standard.

Who are they for?

Suitable for candidates of all ages from 16-18 to 19+, they’re also a mandatory part of all apprenticeship frameworks in England.

Assessment structure for Level 1 and Level 2

Guided learning hours: 45

Speaking, listening and communication is internally assessed. Reading and writing are externally assessed.

  1. Speaking, listening and communication (33.3% of the total qualification) 2. Reading (on-screen format)

(33.3% of the total qualification)

3. Writing (on-screen format) (33.3% of the total qualification)
Assessment Internally set and internally marked. The awarding body will provide guidance on devising activities to meet the skill standard to centres. Externally set and marked. Externally set and marked.
Tasks/ questions Learners must complete the following two activities:

1.       A formal discussion

2.        2 An informal discussion.

Learners must achieve all the level 1 criteria across the two activities at least once.

Two texts based on a single context. The two texts will comprise in one narrative text, e.g. a newspaper article and one informative text, e.g. a letter, timetable, leaflet. Learners will answer all questions on each text. Fifty per cent of the questions will be fixed responses. Two writing tasks with separate contexts. One task worth 15 marks and a shorter task worth 10 marks. Learners will answer both tasks. Forty per cent of the marks for each task will be allocated to spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Assessment time Approximately 30 minutes. Level 1: 45 minutes

Level 2: 1 hour

Level 1: 45 minutes

Level 2: 1 hour

Marks n/a 20 25
Additional information for paper-based tests and onscreen tests Details should be recorded on the Speaking, Listening and Communication Assessment Record Sheet. Assessment evidence should be retained for a sample of the cohort. Dictionaries and bilingual dictionaries will be allowed. Dictionaries and bilingual dictionaries will be allowed.


Learners could progress from these qualifications to: • GCSEs in English • other related qualifications. Could help you get into employment as basic understanding of English is key.